Out ward bound or Outbound", in today’s concept, is a powerful platform for unsimulated and unconditioned activities to understand self and limitations. Unlike simulated and conditioned day-to-day mundane work within four walls in which we are all involved and act, outbound is mostly amidst undisturbed nature. Undisturbed environment such as forests, mountains, deserts or sea provides ample scope for overcoming inhibitions. In the modern world of competition, great amount of stress is causing hazards, which can be easily managed by the Outbound. in this experiential learning, the participants will be able to keenly observe their own behavior and behavior and communication patterns of the team members, analyze them.
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This analysis will help in formulating the changes in the strategies and relationships and implement them immediately. It will also be possible for the individual to assess his/her communication skills, hone them and interact adequately.

At CARE, we believe that these qualities are learned better in the outdoors than in concrete classrooms, through Outbound Learning - OBL. Stripped of an urban ambiance, and without the confines and pressures of an office atmosphere, a well designed outbound program helps people get in closer touch with themselves and gain a clearer view of their strengths and areas for improvement. The result? Improved team dynamics, a more aware and focused workforce, and enhanced productivity for the organization.

The programs will be conducted your facility of choice and are tailored to meet specific needs and available time allotments for your group. These workshops incorporate challenge-course initiatives to impart basic skills toward effective teamwork, communication, and problem solving. With a special focus on group challenges, participants will discuss specific personal roles and behaviors that lead to the outcome of each activity.

During this workshop participants are involved in a variety of activities and processing with their peers. We place a strong emphasis on participants working as a group to accomplish their set goals. By utilizing group games and initiatives, participants are faced with many challenges they must rise to overcome. This creates a unique experience that bonds peers and improves group communication skills.

One of the most unique aspects of outbound Learning is that the participants are immediately able to see the consequences of wrong actions and can see the tangible difference that can be made by a change in thinking and behavior. Our trained facilitators enthusiastically help them to extrapolate the learning from these outdoor activities to their workplace.

In our outbound programs, participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they will be required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams. This will help them see the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation. Many consider outbound training as one of the best platforms for personality development, confidence building and team building. Through the testimonials we have received from participants over the years, there is no doubt that the outbound training that we conduct is effective and should be an element of an organization’s Corporate Training Program.

Topics that are covered during the program:
Aware of their own strength and Areas of Improvement
Leadership qualities
Presentation Skills
Think out of the box
Decision making
Trust building
Risk taking
Vision/goal setting
Setting group goals
Group ground rules
Group management skills
Activity processing
Enhancing communication skills
Roles within the group
Competition issues
Application and practice of group problem solving
Professionally qualified & highly experienced Instructors & facilitators
Adherence to International standards of safety & security
Imported & totally safe equipments & camping gear
Strict maintenance of discipline & camping rules
Understanding the Outdoors
Devoted and Dedicated team
Rathnam Complex,
No.109, 18th Cross, 8th Main,
Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560 055
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